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  1. Encrypted and The Watchers Above were accepted as elements in Winchester Wordwalk, 2021

  2. The Lady appeared in the 'Twisted Tales' Autumn 2021 edition of Makarelle.  See here.  It also appears in Makerelle: Anthology One.  See here.

  3. Far Flung Knowledge appeared in 'Red Letter Days', the 40th Anniversary Anthology of the Open University Poetry Society.  See here.

  4. The Morgan appeared in the December 2021 edition of 'Miscellany', the Morgan Sports Car Club magazine.

  5. My Javanese Inamorato  appeared in the the 'Love is Love' Winter 2021 edition of Makarelle.   See here.

  6. And is there honey still for tea? appeared in the February 2022  'Culture Matters' edition of 'A Fish Rots from the Head'.  See here.

  7. 20 July 1969 appeared in Connections: Creative Writers Association Anthology 2021-2022, the Stirling Creative Writers anthology, 2022.

  8. The Sunken Garden, appeared in the 'Landmarks' Spring 2022 edition of Makarelle.  See here.

  9. The Morgan appeared in 'Openings 39', the anthology of OU Poets, the Open University Poet's Society , 2022.

  10. The Melted Heart appeared in the MMU Poetry & Short Fiction Creation Society Anthology 2022.

  11. An Excess of Expression, A pamphlet of poetry, self published via KDP: see here.

  12. A night without Mercy appeared in the 'Sizzling Misdemeanours' Summer 2022 edition of Makarelle. 

  13. Vne appeared in the 13th August 2022 update of the Cafelit online magazine

  14. A Final Dawn, The Elephant and the Banana, The Girl in the Blue Costume, A Love Letter, That Wasn’t All She Saw, First Contact. Solo all appear in Why Would You Go Through There?: An Anthology Of Shorts From Selected Writers,ed A. Fitzpatrick, Castle Priory Press, 2023, available at

  15. Crowded Conglomerations appeared in 'Openings 40', the anthology of OU Poets, the Open University Poetry Society, 2023


  1. Joe Cortana received a Highly Commended in the 2021 Writing Magazine/Writers’ Weekend Short Story competition, part of the 2021 Winchester Writers Weekend.  See here.

  2. Nothing Like The Present won 2nd place in the Hampshire Writers Society May 2023 competition.

  3. The Summer of Love won 2nd place in the Hampshire Writers Society June 2023 competition..

  4. Brothers in Arms won 1st place in the Hampshire Writers Society September 2023 competition.

  5. A Desperate Illusion was shortlisted for the Scriptwriters&Co Winter 2024 ’Carbon / Copy’ Scratch Night.

  6. In Cold and Tender Water was highly commended in the Hampshire Writers Society February 2024 competition.

Submissions that were unsuccessful:

  1. Simulan Man, My Javanese Inamorata, Where the almond blossoms fall - Winchester Poetry Festival 2020

  2. The Lady - Winchester Poetry Festival 2021

  3. Sentenced in Arizona - Makarelle 2021

  4. The Sunken Garden - Hampshire Writers' Society Writing Competition - Nov 2021

  5. Joe Cortana - Astounding Science Fiction, 2021

  6. A night without Mercy - Hampshire Writers Society - Writing Competition - December 2021

  7. The Phone Call - Hampshire Writers Society - Writing Competition - January 2022

  8. The melted heart submitted to the 'Change' edition of Aah magazine, January 2022

  9. A Final Dawn submitted to Cross and Keys, Apr 2022.

  10. Vne submitted to the Intrepid Times 'Wrong Turns' competition, Apr 2022

  11. The fruit of life submitted to the May 2022 Cult Challenge, Hedgehog Press.

  12. An Excess of Expression (short version), submitted to “A Slim Volume of One’s Own – Cinq”, A Poetry Pamphlet Competition, HedgeHog Press, June 2022.

  13. The girl in the blue costume, The Elms' Decree, The Mismaze submitted to the Winchester Poetry Festival 2022.

  14. A Eutectic Entanglement and A Life Sentence were submitted to the 2023 Hampshire Poetry Festival 2023

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