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The Morgan

The Morgan

Twas the night before Xmas and up on the roof
Santa had parked to let the team rest their hooves.
Santa was troubled and all in a dither.
His reindeer were knackered and needed a breather.

So Santa climbed down and looked in the shed.
He found an old Morgan, its battery quite dead.
A peek at the chassis revealed a bad crack.
One wheel had gone missing, the axle now on a jack.

Its chrome work was pitted, the frame had dry rot,
The kingpins were worn and the gear box was shot.
Its bumpers were scuffed, and the leather was torn,
And dull, faded paintwork made it look so forlorn.

Just then, a trio rode up from out of the east,
Summoned to assist at the elves’ behest,
They came bearing gifts, and were laden with tech,
Unleaded petrol, HMP grease and Castrol GTX.

One tapped Santa’s shoulder, and said ‘Have no fear’,
I am Prince Lucas, and this is the Grand Duke of Goodyear.
The third, the tallest, declared ‘I am Ed from China,
Stand aside as our magic restores this old car.’

With a bang and a flash, the drive train was renewed,
The chassis re-welded, the ash frame re-glued
A fresh coat of paint shone bright in the moonlight
New exhausts and twin horns gave the reindeer a fright.

Then the sleigh came down from the roof to the drive
To be hitched up behind and the car came alive
The reindeer were tuned out to graze on the back lawn
Santa hopped right in and with a wave he was gone.

So tradition was preserved, and both near and far
The presents were delivered by a red Morgan car.




MMSC, OUP FB, CLL, OUP 208, Openings 39

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