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A night without Mercy

Tuesday, 22nd

Hi Mercy,

Wow, that was a great plan you suggested at the weekend. I know we were both a bit squiffy on Bloody Mary’s but I mean, it really worked a treat. Well, until it went wrong, of course. I know you said that might happen but really, it went wrong in the most super, brilliant way.

I’d booked onto the Divas and Devils dating site on Sunday evening – yes, I thought that was a bit ironic too – and just like we agreed I put myself up as: Mature lady, with strong appetites – seeking younger male, willing to experiment – expect the night of your life. I posted a photo from way back – you know the one, with me in that dress with the full decolletage and the heaving bosoms – very Nell Gwynne I thought – just the eyeful for someone to get their teeth into.

Well I hooked up almost immediately. And was he hot?   Yow-wee!! I could feel the heat coming out my keyboard – though that might just be a dodgy battery. So, anyway, we arranged to meet down at the Horseman’s Head on Monday night – it’s happy hour from 5-7 – two cocktails for the price of one. His name was Vladimir, said he came from an aristocratic Russian family – but he wasn’t fooling me. He was hard core Essex-man through and through, all that bare chest and 95 SPF. We shared a Zombie and Sweet Poison and were really hitting it off, until…. Well! – he said he wanted a three some! How about that!! I was keen but didn’t want to stop there. And there was a really hairy guy at the bar talking to another guy who was hung like a horse – so we went over and suggested a foursome! Yes, really!!  Sadly the werewolf ate poor Vlad, but I had a fab time with the centaur. You should have been there!!!

Love and tootles,


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