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Morgans - DFR 88S

Registration No: DFR 88S
Chassis No: 
Year: 1977
Model:  Plus 8 2 seater
Engine: Rover 3.5L 


Wheelbase 98 in (2,489 mm)     (original dimensions)

Length146 in (3,708 mm)

Width 57.5–67.0 in (1,460–1,702 mm)

Height 52 in (1,321 mm)

Curb weight 1876 lb (851 kg)​

Chassis Number: R8311

Engine: 3528 

Engine No: 10A18852 

Stage 2 cylinder head, Viper fast road camshafts, Rhoades lifters, gas flowed heads, Hedman manifolds and four-barrel Holley carburettor. Gemmer steering box, stainless exhaust, Spax shockers electronic ignition. The car was dyno tested at 190bhp (245 bhp at the flywheel). 


The Plus 8 was developed on a widened Plus 4 chassis by Maurice Owen, using a Rover all block 3.5L V8 engine purchased from GM-Buick in 1967, and the Plus 4 Moss gearbox.  The Salisbury 7HA axle was upraded with a limited slip differential.  A Rover four speed gearbox replaced the Moss box in 1973, and a 5 speed gearbox was introduced in 1977.  An EFI versiom of the Rover engine in various forms was used from 1983, together was several increases in capacity.  The body was widened in 1976 to accommodate the widened chassis and the wings widened to accommodate larger tyres to handle the increasing power and trend for lower profile and wider tyres. The original 1968 Plus 8 was 57 inches (1,400 mm) wide and the last was 64 inches (1,600 mm) (with an optional "widebody" at 67 inches (1,700 mm)).


The original Plus 8 engines were Rover V8s that became available when fitted to the P5B saloon. Morgan was actually the first of a succession of sports car makers- including the likes of TVR and Marcos- to use the engine.

The prototype Plus 8 (identifiable by two small bonnet bulges near the centre bonnet hinge) used a Buick 215 V8 engine but the production Plus 8 was launched in 1968 using Rover's production engine, a re-engineered version of the Buick 215 motor (renamed the 3.5 L by Rover) with a compression of 10.5:1 originally fuelled by two SU HS6 carburettors. The high 10.5:1 CR was only usable because 5* (101 octane) petrol was then still available. By 1973, the Rover 3500 saloon was available with a manual 4 speed gearbox and this engine/gearbox configuration was adopted by Morgan although the compression dropped to 9.25:1 with a resulting drop in power. With the adoption of an improved version of the engine developed for the Rover SD1 in 1977, compression increased to 9.35:1 and power increased slightly. After 1981 the engine was fueled by two Stromberg CD175 carburettors, which increased the power as the SUs were not a perfect match for the engine. There is a substantial leap in power if the earlier mentioned carbs are swapped out for a Holley 390 or, preferably, a Weber/Edelbrock/Carter 500.

This car is fitted with a Holley 4 barrel carburettor, number 0-8007, type 4160.

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