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My Javanese Inamorato

My Javanese Inamorato

Shall I expresso how I seek to love you?

May I melt your frosty look with affogato
or taste your warmth in sweet and steamy mocha?
Your perfume smacks my nose with rich aromas

chasing all my wordly thoughts away.

Now let me drink the creamy froth atop your latte,

so then your caffeine fizzes, jolts and sears my veins
and tsunamis heat and carouse within my brain.

Let me taste the sticky sweetness of your hips.

Your liquids kissing, smack my burning lips.

I cup my hands around your fervid body

caressing, seeking, tasting all your beauty.
My thirst so quickly quenched, in hope restarts.
But desire does wilt. Too soon we must depart.




A334, OUP forum, Makarelle (pub)

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