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Morgans - SNW545

Registration No: SNW 545
Chassis No: P2749
Year: 1953
Model:  Plus 4 4 seater
Engine: Standard Vanguard, 2088 cc
Mileage: 04650

Wheelbase 96 in (2,438 mm)

Length145 in (3,683 mm)

Width 56 in (1,422 mm)

Height 52 in (1,321 mm)

Curb weight1,848 lb (838 kg)

Morgan had been making a two and four model called the 4/4  from 1936.  In 1950 they introduced the Plus 4, using a 2088 Standard Vanguard engine.  This model was announced at the 1950 Earls Court Motor Show and was built on a strengthened 4/4 chassis with a 4” longer wheelbase and using hydraulic drum brakes for the first time.  Variants again included a 2-seater, a 4 seater and a Drop Head Coupe.  w the design updated to improve aerodynamics and Morgan Plus 4s zoomed ahead, winning many sports car races.  Just 141 cars were 4-seaters, 117 drophead coupes, the rest being 2-seaters in the 1950-53 period of production, with a large proportion retained for the UK market.  1954 saw the Standard Vanguard engine replaced by a 1998 TR2 unit (which retained the Standard Vanguard block) increasing the bhp from 68 to around 100 bhp and which replaced the flat radiator with a radiator behind a curved cowl.  At introduction the plus 4 sold for £625 (two-seater) or £723 (coupé)

From the H&H auction site when I bought the car:

First seen in 1950, the Morgan Plus 4 was a larger and more powerful derivative of the company's 4/4 and has remained in production on and off for over 60 years now. Up until 1969 it was powered by the four-cylinder engines found in the Triumph TR range, which were mated to a four-speed manual gearbox with well-spaced ratios. The rakish body was mounted on a variant of Morgan's familiar Z section chassis, underslung at the rear. Suspension was independent by sliding pillars and coil springs at the front and a live axle on semi-elliptic springs at the rear. Braking was by drums all round and steering by a Burman cam and sector system. As tested by Autosport's John Bolster, the 100bhp 1991cc Triumph-engined Plus Four would accelerate to 60mph in 9.6 seconds and on to a top speed of a whisker under 105mph.

According to an accompanying 1989 letter from the then registrar, this delightful period Morgan was the only 'flat rad' four-seater Plus 4 known to the Morgan Sports Car Club at that time, so a decidedly rare version. It was purchased for £12,500 in September of the same year by the vendor's family trust, since when it has been continually maintained by renowned Morgan dealer Melvyn Rutter of Bishop's Stortford. The subject of a comprehensive older restoration just 4,543 miles ago, 'SNW 545' is smartly presented courtesy of Dark Green bodywork teamed with Black upholstery and carpets. Self-evident features of interest include the Bluemels steering wheel, quartet of period rear-view mirrors, rear-mounted luggage rack and radio aerial affixed to the left flank. The Morgan rides on silver-coloured steel disc wheels equipped with Avon HM Tourist tyres and highly polished hubcaps. 
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