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A writing exercise

Imagine you have walked into the seminar room where this session is usually held. You are first to arrive. You sit down, everything seems normal, then you become aware of an odd and very unpleasant smell coming from behind the desks on the other side of the room. Investigating, you discover a body. You don't immediately recognise the person and as you are realising they are dead, other students start to come in. Start the story at the point at which you enter the room. (more tricky than it sounds). Write in second person. Treat this as a piece of Flash Fiction - so not the opening to a novel or longer story.

Chemistry 101

You did well to deal with that situation, Jeremy. If any other student had been the first to arrive, I think the College would have been in a lot of trouble. You did not immediately recognise the victim - but the smell of corruption quickly lead you to a terrifying but correct identification. The other students would probably have thought the same, even if the right wingers would not have admitted it. But you were the only one we could rely on to do the right thing. You saw the room was about to fill up, you saw the other students milling about outside. You knew you had to keep the others out and you knew there was nothing that could be done for Boris now. He had been a living shell for quite a while, his time had run out. You knew that College had to be protected. So you cleared the room in the only way you could.  You pressed the fire alarm. The other students did not notice that you did not follow them down the corridor and out onto the fire escape.  That gave you a few moments to think. But you still had to act quickly. The body needed to be disposed of.  You thought hard, but there seemed to be no solution. But then, it struck you. This was Chemistry 101 - there was apparatus and all sorts of chemicals on the lecturer’s dias. You did not hesitate - to be thorough you doused the body in alcohol even though that probably was not really necessary in this victim’s case), lit the Bunsen burner and knocked it on top of the body.  And then you ran too.  Boris would have been proud to go out in such a blaze of glory.

[297 words]

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