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I once loved many things.

Wooden bricks, and chews,

a comforter in baby blue,

nipples to suckle and

breasts to nuzzle.

Carpet seas to sail

before I could toddle.

Each day an adventure

and the warmth of a cuddle

I loved leaves in the garden

and the worms and the snails.

The blackbird’s song and

the red robin’s coat tails.

I loved the walk to the school,

through the row of chestnut trees,

and the cool brown gloss

of conkers gathered with glee.

I loved the wrapping at Xmas,

the baubles, bells and lights,

and marzipan icing

and the gift of a bike.

But now that I’m old

I have discarded these things,

and my only desire,

is to once more begin.




OUP Zoom, Arvon, OUP 209

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