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The driving lesson

The driving lesson

All right, that hill start wasn’t so bad was it?
Best one yet, but it did judder a bit.
Check out that classy gear change, Dad – fourth all the way down to second.
Don’t get too big headed – now into first after you’ve put the clutch in
Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy
Fairly good, on the down change - let it rev freely
Gosh, where did that motorbike come from?
How about looking in your mirror then?
I'm trying my best, Dad, you’re frizzling my mind.
Just relax then, let the car do the work. I’d
keep my hands on the wheel though
love, quick - there's a gap after that lorry - go, go, go!

Mirror, signal, manoeuvre - there, that was bang on that time
Now, don't get cocky - it was hardly sublime
Ok, now for my favourite roundabout
Perhaps that is where the examiner will find you out!
Quit hassling me, Dad!
Right, I’ll only talk at your command
Sure, I bet!

Take the third exit.
Unfortunately, if we want to go home, we need to take the second.
Very good,  but we need petrol at Tesco - as your sister would have reckoned
What - are you saying she drives better?
Xanthe passed first time, remember!
You’ve always loved her more than me – right, I’m walking home from here!
Zayda…ZAYDA -for goodness sake, come back my dear!!




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