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Simualan Man

Simualan Man

As a child I leapt and danced in snow
and laughed and tumbled but felt no cold.
The innocence that I felt when young
melted like snowflakes on an outstretched tongue.

As a youth I walked by summer streams
and roasted marmot on a pinecone fire.
Under beech and aspen I stalked for deer
and nothing then could feed my fear.

As a man I climbed to icy peaks
and strode over passes, thigh deep in snow,
My eyes were dazzled by the blue and white
while my heart sang the songs of those awesome sights.

As a chief I stalked and hunted other men,
until they came and hunted me.
Brought down where bearded eagles nest
I sleep unyielding, trapped in ice-cold, glassy rest.

Otzi the Iceman, also called Similaun Man, Hauslabjoch Man was discovered in 1991, (Ötzi) frozen In a glacier in the high Alps.




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