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In the garden

The rooks giggle and laugh
uplifted, dancing,
while wind caresses the oaks.

(this seems to be inside out  7-5-7 – it should be 5-7-5), let’s try again!)

Rooks giggle and laugh,
uplifted, squabbling, dancing,
while wind breathes on oaks.

Two sides of Love

When you hesitate
to answer if you love me,
I know it's too late.

In the afternoon heat

a lolly in the freezer

left by you for me.

I am old and now

All there is to be knowing

Except wiseness of youth

Old now,  I know now

All there is to be knowing,

Sad my youth is spent.

I am old, knowing

All there is to be knowing,

All my wisdom spent.




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